Streamlining Possibilities with Ontraport Business Automation

An online business has many moving pieces. These begin with creating a website and continue to setting up forms, processing secure payments, marketing and the list goes on. It can surely be overwhelming for the owner trying to manage it all. However, companies like Ontraport have created an all-in-one solution to streamline online businesses and their success. Here is a bit on how Ontraport works.

What is Ontraport?

Ontraport is an all-in-one tool for running a business online. You can easily demo the service and sign up online to gain access to their wide-reaching tool set. It provides convenience through providing all the tools a business needs in one easy place so it is easier to run a business, increase sales, and improve customer relations.

What You Can Do With Ontraport?

The better question is, what can’t you do with Ontraport? Ontraport allows you to design and publish your website, market it through various channels, process payments securely and organize and manage data. It covers you from start to finish when it comes to running a business online. Below learn more about what each specific feature entails.


Ontraport can be used to create and maintain a high-quality website, built for conversions. It doesn’t require any kind of web design or expertise to do so, and the service is very user-friendly in terms of creating fully responsive pages from awesome templates. They offer more than templates too, also get one-click Wordpress hosting, split testing, social media integration, forms, and access to the Ontraport marketplace.


One of the biggest features of Ontraport is its organizational framework that the rest of your store can be built around. Not only does it help you store and organize client and sales data, it can also help you organize your workers and workflow throughout various databases.


Another foundational element of Ontraport is the built-in secure payment processing and payment management features. You can guarantee secure processing to your customers. Additionally, you can track your customers using Ontraport’s lead management and scoring, and easily follow up on abandoned shopping carts. Other features include easily setting up automatic payments, letting customers know if their payments have been declined, and reminding customers when their subscription is due to expire in order to increase renewals. Online sales are covered through Ontraport and streamlined to be more efficient.


One challenge many businesses struggle with is marketing their site. Ontraport features a multi-channel marketing automation toolset that provides you with ways to follow up on every lead, customer, and business partner through emails, SMS or postcards. Additionally, track your campaigns through a customizable dashboard.


For those looking for a simple solution to building responsive web pages for your business, checkout Ontrapages, this tool is free and allows new users to get up and running with up to 10 web pages.

A Look at the Ontraport Dashboard

One of the most powerful features of Ontraport is its comprehensive dashboard, which lets you access its features. Here’s an overview of all that you can do.

  • Contacts management
    Not only can you store contacts, you can also include vital information about them for your own records, such as details of their purchase history or notes on their affiliation with you.

If you want to start an online store or streamline the one you have, Ontraport is a powerful tool to use. It eliminates the need for various different tools, by combining everything you need into a user-friendly platform that can help you bring your business to next level.

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