Marketing Tips for Pre-Release Startups

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The startup space is thriving with original and innovative new products and services. If you’re looking to launch a startup of your own you will no doubt have a vision of immediate traction and customer onboarding at launch.

The hard truth is that you are not the only one bringing a new idea to the table. There are hundreds of thousands of products being launched annually. You need to be able to make the right noise to be heard. You need to stand tall if you want to be seen.

So, how then will you be able to get the right message to the right audience and have them flocking to your product in no time? There is only one magic word. Marketing.

Marketing pre-launch is important. It gives your new product the momentum it needs to hit the ground running. It introduces the world to your product.

Keep in mind that there are three phases to a product launch; pre-launch, launch, and post-launch. You need to maintain the momentum in all the three levels. Realistically, all the marketing work needs to have commenced during the pre-launch stage. This sets the tone for the launch and post-launch.

Things to do during pre-launch

A successful pre-launch marketing campaign does not happen its own. You have a part to play. Here is your checklist for a successful marketing campaign.

A website is very important in this digital age — even more so for any tech-based startup. It is the easiest way to get your word across to your audience. Start a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaign to draw potential customers to your website. Use Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) to increate the number of newsletter signups or contact requests you receive.

This website will help you generate an interest among early adopters. You can potentially even get some pre-sale orders. Think of your website as a trailer for your movie. It should be captivating. Just know that the trailer is what makes people watch the movie when it is released.

It is vital to collect emails from your potential clients. Generate interest in your newly found email list by sending out regular newsletters. An email might signify the actual people who have a genuine interest in your product and are ready to pay for it.

There is no doubt about the reach of social media marketing. Think of Facebook and Twitter alone. This is the place where the bulk of your potential customers spend most of their time. Creating hype through social media increases the chances of real customers stumbling and learning about your product.

Social media also gives you the opportunity to interact with your audience. The commitment and excitement you have for your product might be spread to your potential clients. This will get them to like your product and they may even pre-order it prior to the actual launch.

Well written blog posts establish you as an authority figure in your industry. It will help to generate leads and drive traffic to your website. Do not forget to apply SEO techniques to your blog posts. Blogging should complement the work that you do on social media. Blog posts are important for long-tail keyword rankings also.

Spending time on your marketing pre-launch is a great way to increase the chances of your product being well received at go-live. There are many other marketing and growth hacking techniques available. You just need to consider which ones are right for your startup and include them in your long-term marketing strategy.

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