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  • Ryan Singer

    Ryan Singer

    Strategy and design at Basecamp. @rjs on Twitter.

  • Stanislav Kozlovski

    Stanislav Kozlovski

    A generally curious individual β€” software engineer, mediterranean dweller, regular gym-goer, coffee lover and DeFi (Balancer) contributor.

  • Vlad Voloshyn

    Vlad Voloshyn

    Infrastructure Engineer at PartsTech and open source fan, devops digest co-author, ex-Flatfy, -HipChat

  • Stephen Moore

    Stephen Moore

    Editor in Chief of Post-Grad Survival Guide β€’ Columnist in Marker β€’ Thoughts on business, ideas, writing & more β€’ Lets connect on LinkedIn: bit.ly/3i8wFBd

  • Hollie Arnett

    Hollie Arnett

    Design addict, typography nerd, hand lettering lover and branding boss. Living the dream running my one-woman studio @blckwhstudios πŸ–€

  • Tony Branze

    Tony Branze

    Self-Taught | Full stack | JavaScript enthusiast

  • Megan Wilson

    Megan Wilson

    UX enthusiast who loves to share and discover innovative design content. Lead UXer at @WalkMeInc!

  • A. S. Deller

    A. S. Deller

    Startup product manager. Sci fi, Fantasy and Science writer. https://t.co/6Eny0CBdBD https://channillo.com/user/29057 https://twitter.com/deller_a

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