Cloudflare — Why You Should Use It

Since creation in 2009, Cloudflare have been used on a number of websites around the world. Let’s take a closer look at this important piece of software.

What is Cloudflare?

Cloudflare is often called a caching reverse proxy which uses similar technology to CDN but operates slightly differently. As with CDNs, Cloudflare can be used to run multiple data centers while static content can be cached at the edge which makes it faster. It differs however in a number of ways. CDNs will ask users to pick which content should be hosted on its network. They will also only receive requests for some subset requests.

As a caching reverse proxy, Cloudflare is able to send every request to a website. This enables it to stop website attacks, improve performance by modifying content, place applications in web pages, give a range of analytical data, make a network gateway between different protocols and help to easily install SSL.

What are the Benefits?

Cloudflare has numerous benefits. Let’s take a closer look.

First, it offers excellent security across a range of threats. These include cross-site scripting, comment spam, excessive bot crawling, SQL injection, email harvesters, and a host of others. Security features are easy to setup and will stop threats automatically while continually adjusting according to traffic patterns.

Second, it offers excellent caching/performance, often up to 50% more. Through its global CDN, Cloudflare caches static files including JavaScript, CSS, and images automatically. These are stored on servers around the world and when accessed by a user visiting a site, they are loaded from the site nearest to them resulting in incredibly fast load times. This is due to the fact that latency between the server and the user is reduced because of their close proximity.

Third, in terms of an analytical overview of your website’s traffic, few applications can beat Cloudflare. It provides visitor analytics, search engine crawlers as well as threat monitoring.

Finally, Cloudflare offers HTTPS for free, not only that, but this is simply the best way to ensure your website looks professional.

In conclusion, Cloudflare has a range of must have benefits that you simply cannot do without. If you incorporating it in your infrastructure setup yet, you should seriously think about doing so soon.

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